Error in path.expand(path) : invalid 'path' argument (MplusAutomation)

Hi there,

I am getting error messages when I run mplusModeler in RStudio.

mod <- mplusObject(
  TITLE = "CFA Analysis",
  MODEL = 
    "visual BY x1-x3;
     textual BY x4-x6;
     speed BY x7-x9;",
  OUTPUT = "standardized;",
  rdata = df_analyze)

res <- mplusModeler(mod,
                    dataout = "cfa.dat",
                    modelout = "cfa.ind",
                    run = 1L)

Here is the error message:

Error in path.expand(path) : invalid 'path' argument

In addition: Warning message:
In convert_to_filelist(target, filefilter, recursive) :
Target: cfa.inddoes not appear to be an .inp file. Ignoring it.

Appreciate your help.

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