Error in opening file saved under Mac OS X El Capitan


I tend to do work alternating between working on Rstudio R version 3.5.2 on my personal MacBook Air (OS X El Capitan) and RStudio R version 3.3.2 on a university computer. When I save an R-code file to a flashdrive while working on the PC, I have no problems opening the file on the Mac. However, I have consistently been unable to open the file when doing the opposite (saving a file to the flashdrive on the Mac and then trying to open it on the PC).

Is there a special way that I need to save the file on the Mac in order that it can be opened on the PC or will I be forced to email myself the entire text every time that I try change from my personal computer to the University computer? I am unable to update the RStudio version on the university computer due to security settings restricting students from altering the computer.

I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't seem to find a similar question! Thank you very much in advance.


Cross-OS file transfer over thumb drive is subject to a variety of woes. Assuming that you have high-speed connections where you use the files there are two better, free, alternatives:

  1. Under 100MB, github.
  2. Over, Amazon S3

Upload from either location and download from either location. The only two problems I've had (I'm Mojave/Ubuntu) is the size limit on github and tibbles on S3 saved as Rda format sometimes have to be enframed back to tibbles after downloading.

Thank you very much for your quick reply! I can definitely try those. Also, there seem to be occasional issues where I have tried to work with data frames on the PC, but it converts to tibbles on my Mac which causes some problems with the code. Thanks again.

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Good luck. I'd suggest working with tibbles all the time. The only annoyance is seeing more than the first few lines, which you can solve with

some_tibble %>% print(n = Inf) # for everything or some smaller number

Because a tibble is a data frame with an extra shot, I'm surprised you have the troubles you describe. Next time it happens, it would be interesting to see a reproducible example, called a reprex

Good luck!


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