error in meta-analysis for pooling AUCs

Hello all,
I am conduting a meta-analysis to pool AUCs in two indepent studies with the random-effect model.
The codes are ass follows:

data<-read.csv("C:/Amsterdam Score.csv",header=T)

it alerts "Warning in qt((1 + level)/2, df = (k - 2)) : NaNs producing"

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
many thanks

Try conforming to the help(valmeta) example

# Meta-analysis of the c-statistic (random effects)
fit <- valmeta(cstat=c.index,, cstat.cilb=c.index.95CIl,
cstat.ciub=c.index.95CIu, cstat.cilv=0.95, N=n,,
slab=Study, data=EuroSCORE)

instead of using with() and see if that helps.

the same error appears......

How does your data layout compare to the example's? The NaN is not a number which can happen with operations like 0/0.

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