Error in logical(ncol(data)) : invalid 'length' argument

data <- read.csv("F.CSV")
pof("FA <= FC", data = "F.CSV")
Error in logical(ncol(data)) : invalid 'length' argument

it seems unlikely that this pof function would take a path to a raw csv as its data argument, and more likely that you intended to read the the csv into an object called data, but then omitted to use that data argument for pof. so try

fdata <- read.csv("F.CSV")
pof("FA <= FC", data = fdata)

After doing it, the result was like this

fdata <- read.csv("F.CSV")
pof("FA <= FC", data = fdata)

Error: Multiple "don't care" codes found.

ok, can you start by telling us about this pof() function? where does it come from ?

These functions returns inclusion (consistency) and coverage, plus PRI for sufficiency and RoN for necessity. The function pofind() is a stripped down version of the pof() function, to calculate parameters of fit for single conditions.

pof(setms = NULL, outcome = NULL, data = NULL, relation = "necessity",
categorical = FALSE, inf.test = "", incl.cut = c(0.75, 0.5), add = NULL, ...)

pofind(data = NULL, outcome = "", conditions = "", relation = "necessity",
categorical = FALSE, ...)

Is it from some package ? Does the package have documentation ? Does the documentation mention what a dont care code might be ?

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