error in loading Rstudio - 'loadhistory' can only be used in Rgui and Rterm

Dear friends

I need your help to solve a problem. when I load RStudio, it issue this error that cause i
can not use correctly a number of packages. could you please help on
this issue?

Error in .External2(C_loadhistory, file) :
'loadhistory' can only be used in Rgui and Rterm

Best, Asghar

When does this happen? when you load the IDE, or when you run an R-script?

If it's the later, could you provide a minimal reprex of the code that produces the error?

If you are able to get into the RStudio IDE, what is returned when you input .Platform$GUI?

Interestingly, a very similar issue was asked by an Asghar in Dec 2018

This occurs when I load RStudio IDE. When I input .Platform$GUI, it showed "RStudio".

Best ,

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