Error in library(hutilscpp) : there is no package called ‘hutilscpp’ when deploying app to

I use the hutilscpp::cumsum_reset() function to accumulate a variable and reset the accumulation to zero when a condition based on another variable is met. I know there are other approaches on stackoverflow to do the same conditional accumulation but they are difficult to understand. My app is running in a local PC without an error. When it is deployed to, however, I got the error saying there is no package called ‘hutilscpp.’ I am thinking to install the dev package from github (GitHub - HughParsonage/hutilscpp) but I have come across some posts suggesting not to do so as rsconnect will search the packages listed in the library() functions and install them. I think I still prefer the cumsum_reset() in my app but I don't know how to get the package installed. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.