Error in knitting document -- "texi2dvi not found", but tinytex is installed

I have a very simple r markdown document

title: Capitalized Title Here
  - name: Author One
abstract: >
  An abstract of less than 150 words.
preamble: >
  % Any extra latex you need in the preamble
output: rticles::rjournal_article

## Introduction

Introductory section which may include references in parentheses
\citep{R}, or cite a reference such as \citet{R} in the text.

When knitting (ctrl shift k) I get the following error:

Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf = TRUE, clean = clean, quiet = quiet, :
Running 'texi2dvi' on 'RJwrapper.tex' failed.
sh: 1: /usr/bin/texi2dvi: not found
Calls: -> -> -> texi2dvi
Execution halted

However, when I manually call the command -- tinytex::latexmk("RJwrapper.tex") -- it works. (I also have to manually provide RJournal.sty). How come the knit shortcut isn't working, and how do I fix it?