Error in installing timetk package on R 3.6.3

Hi all,

I'm using R tool in Alteryx software and the default R version used there is 3.6.3. It seems like the default version doesn't installing the dependency package "Recipes" while installing the timetk package.

Could any one please guide me on how to install the recipes package while installing timetk for R 3.6.3?

I have attached the error snapshot which I got while installing the timetk

Please advise

Thank you

The error message is asking you to update the ipred package


Directly installing ipred doesnt work due to my R version

I have used the dev packages to upgrade the ipred. But dev packages require r tools to compile as I use R 3.6.3 i have downloaded R tool35 for my R version and upgraded the ipred recipes and some other packages

After upgrading I have reinstalled the timetk and it works fine now.

Thank you

I'm glad you solved your problem, a little clarification though, you don't need the devtools package to compile packages from source, you only need to have RTools installed in your system and as long as the package is in CRAN you can just use install.packages().

devtools (or more specifically the underlying remotes package) is used to install packages from non CRAN sources or for installing specific versions.

Yes Recipes which is the dependent package of timetk is not available on CRAN for R 3.6.3. hence i used the devtools to install for the correct version that was missing and compiled using Rtools

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