Error in installing phenoptr package

I want to use RStudio for image analysis using the phenoptr package. However after installing R, Rtools and RStudio I use:
which seems to work just fine. When then trying to get the phenoptr package:
it teels me:
Error: .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'pkgload', details:
call: NULL
error: package ‘backports’ does not have a namespace

I am completely new to R, however I need the analysis badly. I tried restarting, reinstalling, etc. but nothing worked so far. Any hint I got from googling this error did not work.

Is there anybody who can tell me what I am doing wrong?

Tank you!


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Hi and welcome! Looks like you're on the right track. Try installing backports: install.packages("backports") and then rerun the install_github() line.

Thanks a lot! The installation worked now:

  • DONE (phenoptr)
    However I cannot see the Addin in the addin window. Also not after restarting rstudio or force reinstalling the phenoptr package. Any idea?

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this package. What add-ins are you expecting to see? In a quick look at the the phenoptr website, I don't see a mention of add-ins.

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