Error in installing dplyr

Hello, I'm just starting out learning R and I'm running into an issue when trying to run install.packages("dplyr").

In the console I get 'Error in install.packages : Updating loaded packages' and then the 'Updating loaded packages' window appears which tells me one or more packages to be updated are currently loaded and to restart R. But when I hit yes I just go into a loop of the error and restart R window.

I've restarted R and have installed tidyverse but not sure what else it could be after that. Any ideas on what to do? Thank you!

Update: So I ran installed.packages() and it seems that dplyr is installed, but I am getting that error issue still.

Hi, when this happens I just click 'No' and normally it installs fine.

What is the issue now? Do you get the same error message?

Hello, I did click 'No' and everything does seem fine, thank you! I had just figured that by clicking no it would cancel the installation process but the library seems to load just fine.

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