Error in install packages Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Recent days ago I uppgraded to the new LTS version of Ubuntu, I don't know if that information could help and I'm ussing 4.0.0 version of R.
Actually in this computer I haven't installed a lot of packages, I've never gotten an error like this.
The error is when I try to install "quantmod", I receive this, and the same with "car".
And I'm not an Ubuntu expert, I don't know how to continue.
Help please.

Hi cruddy,

The solution is right there in the error message you received. You are missing some system libraries, which for a Debian-based distro like Ubuntu means you should install libcurl4-openssl-dev. Open up a terminal (CTRL+ALT+t) and type

sudo apt install -y libcurl4-openssl-dev

Then try and re-install the packages in R.

PS --- There are a couple of alternative R package installation methods that automatically take care of this kind of thing (e.g. pre-compiled binaries and installing system dependencies on Ubuntu). But the above solution is probably the easiest for you rn.

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it works! thanks!!!!!! :smiley: have a nice day

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