Error in iconv(x, "latin1", "ASCII") when starting RStudio

Hi all,
since a few weeks I am having issues with RStudio that I did not manage to solve after re-installing the program. I use it daily for data analysis at work but I never encountered these errors and I cannot find solutions on the internet community until now. I am having two issues:

1-I cannot copy paste from RStudio to/from any other program
2-As I start RStudio I get en Error in iconv(x, "latin1", "ASCII") as you can see in the screenshot attached underneath

I have tried to follow some of the suggestions in this post

but none of them worked. As suggested in the post I attach also my sessionInfo()

Could the issue due to the fact that my PC at work is based on Italian language? Never head this issue in the past two years though.

It is my first time posting on this community, so I hope I am following the rules correctly.
Thank you for all your help!

Hi all,
I forgot to specify that I cannot write any type of file from RStudio to my computer. THese seems to be two different issues overlapping.
I hope someone has some clever solution!
Thank you!

Hi Sill, welcome to the forum.

Probably. I have not used Windows in many years :grin: but Windows can be very touchy about anything but English.

You seem to be set up to use UTF-8 which should be good.

If you also cannot save anything you may just have a bad installation. I'd suggest wiping RStudio and doing a new installation.

Sorry not to be of more help but I really don't remember much about Windows.

Hi jrkrideau,
thank you for your answer, I did try to reinstall everything but it did not work, I keep on having the same issues. As you say I am set up to use UTF-8, but I am not sure if I should change that?
Thanks anyway!

In general I would say no. UTF-8 will handle most languages but I am not a Windows user.

Is R working properly on its own. Can you start R from the GUI or from a terminal and do things?

You might want to have a look at this Character Encoding in the RStudio IDE

I am making wild guesses now but have a look at what is in your .Rprofile and see if there is anything about encoding.

Penultimate desperate idea, until someone who knows something about Windows comes around in search the Internet for:

Error in incov(x, "latin1", "ASCI") : 
conversion not supported from 'latin1' to 'ASCII' in codepage 65001

Real solution: LINUX!

the error

Error in incov(x, "latin1", "ASCI") : 
conversion not supported from 'latin1' to 'ASCII' in codepage 65001

has disappeared as I re-installed R-Studio and updated it, not sure what I was doing wrong, anyway the error is gone.
I am still not able to create folders and files or copy/paste from and to RStudio though (but I can do it no problem from R gui). It seems it could be a permissions issue, but I am unable to find a solution until now. Will post something here if I finally solve it.
Thanks for your help!

I finally managed to solve all the issues installing an older version of RStudio (v.2023.06.0+421 VS 2023.09.1+494).
It seems there are some issues between this latest version of RStudio and Windows 11. I will flag it to the RStudio team.
Hope it will be useful for others!

Thanks very much for updating us.

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