Error in hist.default(): 'x' must be numeric

This is the R Commands that I wrote :

ecommerce_data.df <- read.csv("")

profile %in% c("Parent", "Teacher")
& productKnewWhatWanted %in% c("No", "Yes")),
hist(~ ecommerce_data.df$productKnewWhatWanted | ecommerce_data.df$profile))

but sadly, when I execute them, I have this error:

Error in hist.default(~ecommerce_data.df$productKnewWhatWanted | ecommerce_data.df$profile) :
'x' must be numeric

And I don't know how to do it since no as.numeric() or packages have helped me.

Thank you for the help !

The hist() function does not take a formula starting with ~, it takes a numeric vector. If you want a histogram of the TRUE and FALSE values returned by ecommerce_data.df$productKnewWhatWanted | ecommerce_data.df$profile), then use

hist(as.numeric(ecommerce_data.df$productKnewWhatWanted | ecommerce_data.df$profile))

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