Error in GitHub Actions when Checking R Package with rhub:

I'm currently developing my own R package and preparing it for submission to CRAN. To ensure everything is set up correctly, I'm using GitHub Actions with the rhub package to check my package. However, I've encountered an error that seems to occur in the YAML file during the GitHub Actions workflow.

Here's what I've added to my DESCRIPTION file for handling dependencies hosted on a drat repository:

Remotes: kadmin = url::~~~~kadmin_1.0.0.tar.gz
Additional_repositories: url::~~~~drat

The error appears to be linked to how the GitHub Actions YAML is configured or possibly how the dependencies are specified in the DESCRIPTION file. Could anyone provide guidance on how to correctly configure the YAML file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

rhub.yaml link

Thank you!

If you think this is an error in R-hub, then open a discussion topic on an issue at the rhub repo:

You'll probably need to show more details, though, e.g. the exact DESCRIPTION file.

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Thank you for your suggestion! I will open a discussion on the R-hub GitHub repository as you advised. do you have any insights on whether the syntax or setup in my DESCRIPTION file might also be causing issues? Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated!