Error in finding function of openair


I tried to work on the openair package using Rstudio. I have installed the openair package and update also many time, but still getting problem in finding the function and came out with following error. I need your help in solving this.

Error in polarPlot(mydata, pollutant = "pm25", ws = "ws", wd = "wd", type = "default", :
could not find function "polarPlot"
calcPercentile(mydata, pollutant = "PM25", avg.time = "month",
percentile = 50, data.thresh = 0, start = NA)
Error in calcPercentile(mydata, pollutant = "PM25", avg.time = "month", : **
** could not find function "calcPercentile"

Do you get any error message when installing/updating? Have you remembered to load the package before using the function?


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