Error in export excel with r

It is not really a contribution toward a solution of the error message you have but more like sharing experience.

I find that :package: with JAVA dependency are not easy and I prefer other alternatives without java dependencies if they exists.

hen it comes to deal with Excel, I use this :package:

It relies only on c++ through Rcpp and not an Java.

You could try to write your data.frame in an xlsx file with and maybe you won't have issue anymore.

In your reprex try, you did not provide the coming_movies object. It seems to have some content that you need to deal with before exporting to excel with xlsx :package: . Considering you asked the question and the object name is the same, are you trying to export to excel the result of this question : ?

If this is the case, considering the other post has already a reprex to generate coming_movies

openxlsx::write.xlsx(coming_movies, file = "test.xlsx")

is working for me.