Error in eval (predvars, data, env) : object ‘Red Blood Cell Count’ not found

R keep giving me the error eval (predvars, data, env) : object ‘Red Blood Cell Count’ not found
And I’m not sure why.
I am trying to do a random forest on my data for a Project.
This Is the code that I am correctly using.

The Red blood cell is a column that I have in my data set, so I am unsure as to why R is saying that it can’t find it.

Can anyone please help me?!

Thank you

Hi, welcome to R and RStudio,

It is almost impossible to do anything helpful from a screenshot. We really need your actual code and some sample data.

Have a look at

for some suggestions.

Also, very simple and very effective way to supply some data is to use the dput() command.


and then simply copy the output and paste it here. If you have a very large data set then a sample should be fine. To supply us with 100 rows of your data set do

dput(head(mydata , 100))

where mydata is the name of your dataframe or tibble.

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