Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'fcmlog' not found driving me crazy


Trying to run a Repeated Measures Anova and just keeping getting the same error message:
" Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'fcmlog' not found"
I have created a data.frame
There is a column "fcmlog"
str function shows a numeric fcmlog column.

Any help/suggestions?

in your last line you supply a data argument for summary, rather than for aov

If I run aov, I will have to run a summary after, this way I only run one code. But have tried without the summary, still object not found.

Any other suggestions, please?

what code do you try for aov ? with a data argument ?

The same code but without the summary. I have used this code before with other datasets without issues.

I cant common on code that you haven't shared. I can only guess that you've made a mistake, perhaps a simple typo.

It is the same code that you can see on the screenshot, but without the summary at the beginning.
aov(FCMlog~MonthInd + Error (FCMlog/(MonthInd)))

absent a data parameter

In your second last code you do not have data set assigned.
In your last code the data= hormones is not in right place it should be included inside the aov function.

aov(fxmlog~ Month*Ind + Error(fcmlog/(Month*Ind)), data=hormones)

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