Error in chordDiagram(data) : could not find function "chordDiagram"


I have a question - when I run the code, it displays the error:

Error in chordDiagram(data) : could not find function "chordDiagram"

I used this code previously and it worked. Could any of you tell me please how I can proceed in order to get a circular plot? Is there some other function for that or something changed in its name?


Hi Santiago,

Are you sure that the circlize package is installed in the specific project that you are working with?


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the answer. I'm not sure about that, could you please tell me how to check it or how to install it? It would be a great help

No problem, Santiago.

You just need to run the following code once in any project.


Once it is installed, simply load it before calling the chordDiagram() function.


For more information on using the package, check out the great examples in the documentation.

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