Error in callModule(module, id, session = session): session must be a ShinySession or session_proxy object.

Hello - I am suddenly having problems with a shiny app I've been working on for several weeks. Other versions of this app that call on the same modules are running without issue, but now, I'm suddenly getting an error related to the session object, which appears to be NULL. I can't supply the code for my app because the data is complex/sensitive in nature, but can anyone give advice based on the traceback and debugger info? Thank you!



Module Server Function:

App Server:

Hi mpost,

I had the same issue. The session has expired and getDefaultReactiveDomain() returns NULL. Before you rerun the app try to clear all objects (with the hidden ones) from the workspace - clinck the broom icon at the Environment tab or run rm(list = ls(all.names = TRUE)). It should help, good luck!

Best wishes,

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