Error in bubble

Hi experts, Im new to "R" and I just try to run with available free data's.
It gives following error to me when I'm going to display bubble plot.
Please help me.

print(bubble(tmp, zcol="resid.diff",

  •          main="2nd-order less 1st-order residuals",
  •          pch=1, col=c("blue4","red4")))

Error in bubble(tmp, zcol = "resid.diff", main = "2nd-order less 1st-order residuals", :
could not find function "bubble"

bubble() isn't a built-in command. You need to load the package it comes from (probably sp) and then use the library command.

bubble() is a function in the sp package. You must install that package before the first time you use it and then you must load the package for each R session where you want to use it.
If you have not downloaded the package yet, run


When you want to use it in an R session, run


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