Error in auk_filter

#Now that the filters have been specified, process the two data tables to be used through the
# same filters.  The output is still not loaded into R, but rather exists as a couple of 
# text files.
filtered <- auk_filter(filters, file = output_bird, file_sampling = output_sampling, overwrite = T)

#Zero-fill (i.e. create presence-absence dasta) from the two filtered data tables, and 
# finally load the result as a data object into R.
WestIndWhistDuck_PR_zf_filtered <- auk_zerofill(filtered, collapse = T)


Error in auk_filter(filters, file = output_bird, file_sampling = output_sampling,  : 
  object 'filters' not found

A reproducible example, called a reprex will help attract more answers.

Looking at the documentation auk_filter's signature is

   auk_filter(x, file, file_sampling, keep, drop, awk_file,
      sep = "\t", filter_sampling = TRUE, execute = TRUE,
      overwrite = FALSE, ...)

where x is

auk_ebd or auk_sampling object; reference to file created by auk_ebd() or auk_sampling().

so filters would have to be defined, similarly to

sample <- system.file("extdata/ebd-sample.txt", package = "auk")

You should probably set EBD_PATH environment variable to avoid having to give a full path name.

If you are looking for a specific species,

 filter <- auk_ebd(f) %>%
      auk_species(species = c("Canada Jay", "Blue Jay")) %>%
      auk_country(country = c("US", "Canada")) %>%
      auk_bbox(bbox = c(-100, 37, -80, 52)) %>%
      auk_date(date = c("2012-01-01", "2012-12-31")) %>%
      auk_time(start_time = c("06:00", "09:00")) %>%
      auk_duration(duration = c(0, 60)) %>%

See auk_get_awk_path on page 17 of the manual for the rest of the example

Thank you very much!

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