Error in 1:nrow(x) : argument of length 0

I struggle with the error

Error in 1:nrow(x) : argument of length 0

Specifically, I imported a shapefile for block groups that include census tracts for the US. I am trying to compute dissimilarity, spatial proximity, absolute clustering, eta2, and isolation indexes for each census tract based on group blocks using OasisR package. The code worked for larger units using a different shapefile (Metropolitan areas based on tracts). However, now I am receiving an error I mentioned above. Here is the full code:

data<-readOGR(dsn="/Users/16033/Desktop/Exp_shapefiles_dropped", layer="Export_Output_2000b")



tractlist <- unique(x$gisjoin_t1) ntract <- length(tractlist)

result <-, nrow = ntract, ncol = 6))

names(result) <- c("gisjoin_t1", "Dissim", "SpatProx","AbsClus","Eta2","Isol")

result$gisjoin_t1 <- tractlist

for (i in 1:ntract)

{ prov <- subset(x, gisjoin_t1 == tractlist[i])

result$Dissim[i] <- Atkinson(prov[,2:3])


... Same for other indexes.


gisjoin_t1 black_n mhwhite_n his_n

0 2.0013e+11 18 231 151

1 2.0013e+11 13 127 59

2 2.0013e+11 14 163 129

3 2.0016e+11 8 279 22

4 2.0016e+11 127 949 323

5 2.0016e+11 30 831 228

Thank so much you in advance. Sylwia

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