Error: 'fstat' is not an exported object from 'namespace:hierfstat'

Halo, could anybody help with the "fstat"?

I have try use these packages below but did not work:
remotes::install_version("hierfstat", version = "0.4.14")

and when I run the script it says "Error: 'fstat' is not an exported object from 'namespace:hierfstat' "
look up to this info from CRAN CRAN Package Check Results for Package strataG cant help. ;(

A solution would be appreciated, thanks.

Why do you think fstat is a function in that package?

@nirgrahamuk, sory, I meant that why the function "fstat" can't be found, even though I have the "hierfstat" packages installed and the library loaded.?

Its not found because its not there, my question to you is , why do you think it should be there.

@nirgrahamuk as the warning error tells that 'fstat' is not an exported object from 'namespace:hierfstat' ".
would you tell me what Is needed to do to fix this problem?
thanks you

There is no problem per se apart from your understanding.
You appear to have an unjustified and mistaken belief that there is something called fstat that you think should be in package hierfstat. It seems you are wrong, but I don't know what misled you. You have said nothing to justify your belief.

@nirgrahamuk, I admit that I am low key confused myself. hope you could help.
my colleague told me that obviously, in the newest version of hierfstat, "fstat" has been disabled. and I would need the fstat to analyze my data in R.

Check with your colleagues what version are they using and then you can install the same version with remotes::install_version()

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