Error: failed to retrieve package after Dec 22 2021 RSPM update

Hi, I am using RSPM to build my docker containers. Before today's update, i was able to build successfully but after the update now i am unable to complete my build because I get the following error:

Retrieving '' ...
Error: failed to retrieve '' [error code 22]
In addition: Warning message:
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 
Traceback (most recent calls last):
9: install.packages("RMariaDB")
8: install(pkgs)
7: retrieve(names(remotes))
6: handler(package, renv_retrieve_impl(package))
5: renv_retrieve_impl(package)
4: renv_retrieve_repos(record)
3: renv_retrieve_repos_impl(record)
2: renv_retrieve_package(record, url, path)
1: stop(status)

At it looks like Public Package Manager Upgrade is completed. However i still suffer from this issue.

Short reproducible example:


Hi, we are having issues with retrieving packages from "all" that we are investigating. We will update the status page here shortly.

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Well before we got to updating the page, we believe we fixed the issue. We're still double-checking that, as well as understanding what happened (which appears to be a bug that showed up given the AWS outage happening at the same time). Let me know if still have any issues.

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