Error Executing Addin or custom keyboard shortcut outside of Addins?

Dozens of times every day, I run "drake::make()" using the Addin provided by the package. However, every time there is an error (so practically every time :)) RStudio open a pop-up saying:

Error Executing Addin. R code execution error

This is annoying because the popup steals focus from the console, I have to use the cursor to click "OK" to close this message before I can return to code using my keyboard.

Is there anyway for me to

  1. Create a custom keyboard shortcut in RStudio that runs the command "drake::make()" without using the Addin system, or

  2. Turn off the pop up message?

Thank you for any help!

You could define a separate addin, e.g.

tryCatch(drake::make(), error = warning)

to force errors to become plain warnings and avoid the regular error handlers.

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