Error detecting locale: Error in read.table(...

If i try to download files to i get :

Preparing to deploy application...
Update application currently deployed at
https://.../? [Y/n] Y
Uploading bundle for application: 1068143...Detecting system locale ... DONE
Deploying bundle: 2318288 for application: 1068143 ...
Waiting for task: 638514405
building: Processing bundle: 2318288
building: Parsing manifest
building: Building image: 2457706
building: Installing packages
building: Installing files
building: Pushing image: 2457706
deploying: Starting instances
unstaging: Stopping old instances
Application successfully deployed to
Warning message:
Error detecting locale: Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, : unvollstädige letzte Zeile von readTableHeader in 'raw' gefunden
(Using default: en_US)

What can i do to decide this problem?

It looks like your app did deploy sucessfully (that's a warning message, not an error)

If you have a look at the logs for that application on your shinyapps dashboard, you might get more insight into why the application throws an error when you visit it.