Error deploying Shiny App due to ERROR


I am trying to deploy my Shiny App.
I installed rsconnect package.

when I try to authorize my account, using the following step:

The rsconnect package must be authorized to your account using a token and secret. To do this, click the copy button below and we'll copy the whole command you need to your clipboard. Just paste it into your console to authorize your account. Once you've entered the command successfully in R, that computer is now authorized to deploy applications to your account.


I get the following error:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) :
schannel: CertGetNameString() failed to match connection hostname ( against server certificate names
Timing stopped at: 0.05 0.03 0.17

How do I handle this error?

Thanks you!

Sounds like you might have a proxy/firewall in between you and, based on the hostname not matching.

What version of the rsconnect package are you using?

Hi Josh,

I am using rsconnect_0.8.15

What does having proxy/firewall mean? How can I solve this issue?

A proxy server typically sits between employee computers and the internet. If it is presenting its own certificate instead of the one from, then you might have to play around with some of rsconnect's options to get things to work.

Could you confirm if you are in a corporate environment? If so, could you check with your IT department regarding the use of a proxy server?

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Thanks a lot Josh! Yes I am in a corporate environment and I will talk to the IT people to resolve this.

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