error debugging

dear members,
I am new to RStudio. This question might be very naive, but couldn't find any answers in the web.

If I run some code from the console, and if there is an error, I don't get the options of" Show Traceback" or "Rerun with Debug" in the console. I think I nedd to set some parameters in RStudio. I tried : Debug > On error > error inspector but was bootless.

How do I make "rerun with debug " option displayed in the conole if an error occurs?

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

The error inspector only shows up when there's a traceback to show, so you won't see it on every error (e.g. if the error happened at the top level).

You might also try unchecking the option in General -> Advanced that says "Use debug error handler only when my code contains errors". Does that help?

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