Error 'data' must be a data frame: Interactive Rmd.

So i am trying to get an interactive R markdown plot that subsets my data based on a selectInput and then generates a ggplot() from there. The error i am getting is

Error: data must be a data frame, or other object coercible by fortify(), not an S3 object with class mts/ts

  "Choose Species", 
  choices = sort(unique(teleost$sp.code)), 
  selected = "ARG", 
  filter(teleost, teleost$sp.code == input$species)

 ggplot2::ggplot(mydata(),, y=rf_no.length) +
  geom_bar(stat='identity') +
  scale_y_continuous(name="Number of Fish",expand=expansion(mult=c(0,0.05))) +
  scale_x_continuous(name="Total Length (mm)") +
  theme_bw() + 
    facet_grid(rows=vars(year), cols=vars(sex), scales="free_y")

I have tried using, but no luck there either.

filter(teleost, sp.code %in% input$species` 

The selectInput works and renders fine but no plot. Any help is appreicated.

(Sorry i cant supply the original data but its for ongoing research)

If i need to create a df for the issue to be solved let me know and i will.


It will be easier to help you, if you add a dataset such that the error is reproducible.

By the way:, do you know that you can debug an Rmarkdown file? You can put a debug statement just before the error happens, to inspect the function inputs.

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