Error creating word cloud and making it available in shiny applications

Hi. Has anyone made a word cloud using the wordcloud2 package in R and had problems when it was available in shiny app? When I change a selectInput, for example, the word cloud does not appear. It looks like it tries to render before it finishes the reactive that creates the corpus and the dataset of words and frequencies based on the selectInput.

Locally the application works normally, there are no errors in the word cloud, but in the shiny server the error mentioned above appears.

Thank you!


Would you be able to post the code for a reproducible example? I've used wordcloud2 with shiny and it worked for me at the time.



You said wordcloud2 is used with shiny.

are you able to see complete word cloud at a time. if yes please post example.


I solved the problem by doing all corpus processing out of shiny and only saved the table ready to create the word cloud.

Thank you.

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