Error coming in Rmd file while all the chunks are running perfectly

data<-read_excel("F:\\DATA ANALYSIS\\EXCEL SHEETS\\farms.xlsx")




Error in parse(text = x, keep.source = TRUE) :
attempt to use zero-length variable name
Calls: -> -> getParseData -> parse
Execution halted

I'm going to assume, because of the lack of a reproducible example, called a reprex, that data is a data frame.

I can't tell if you want to include or exclude the fields in the c function. I'l assume include.

If you haven't already


Then, to make data one

data1 <- data %>% select(id, hiredlabor,  farmlabor, region)



to make sure that they are all there and all correctly spelled case-sensitively.

If your spreadsheet has multiple tabs, consult the documentation for read_excel or export your sheet to csv format and use readr::read.csv to bring it into your workspace.

Please don't be discouraged; with experience, this will become second nature and the ease of manipulating data will more than make up for the initial hassle.

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