Error Code 403 Initialization Error

Hello everyone!

I made sure to look this up on RStudio Community before posting. The closest post was from 2018-10-10 titled Status Code 403 with tag rstudiocloud. I can assure everyone this scenario has nothing to do with leaving a tab open for too long.

I have a student having issues with a Status Code 403 every time he tries to log-in to RStudio Server. I am able to connect to his RStudio Server account from my laptop, but he is not able to do so from a desktop in his house along with his own laptop. He is using Windows 10 Home Edition. We've attempted disabling firewalls and troubleshooting from my end on the Linux Server in my lab.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to why I can connect to his account from my laptop, but he is not able to connect whatsoever and always gets an error? Thank you!

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