Error: Can't combine `date` <date> and `date` <character>.

I have many of csv files that want to merged them and when merged them to I get this error Error: Can't combine `date` <date> and `date` <character>.
how can fix it?

path <- "myPath"
merged_df <- list.files(path = path,
                        pattern = "\\.csv$",
                        full.names = TRUE) %>% 
    set_names() %>%  
    map_dfr(read_csv, .id = "file_name") %>% 

With read_csv() you can set the column type when reading a file. If col_type=NULL the function will guess based on the top 1000 rows. It sounds like read_csv is reading a column as diffent types and map_dfr is trying to combine those rows. You can pass the additional argument col_type withinmap_dft based on whatever column hold the date information.

I would read everything as.character(). See ?read_csv for a better explanation of how to use col_type=

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thanks, but how can use this argument in up code?

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