Error: cannot allocate vector of size 32.0 Mb (no change since last run) and R installation issues

I have an issue with my R studio (or maybe R?).
I have this error displayed and I don't know how I can fix that.
I can see a few similar issues on this forum but I did not change anything since last run.
Everything was smooth and now I have this error...

I am trying to reinstall R and R studio to resolve it.
R Studio installation is smooth but I have issues with unpacking R files for the base software.
I have tried a couple of unzippers (7-Zip and PeaZip) and I have errors with every software version I try to unpack.
For example, the errors I have while unzipping last stable version R-4.0.3.tar.gz are:
"Cannot create symbolic link : A required privilege is not held by the client. : C:\Users..."

Any ideas R masters?

Why are you downloading that compressed file? For windows you have to use the .exe installer.

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