Error: 'C:\Users\User\Desktop\fitbase.csv' does not exist

Getting this message each time I try to import data from my desktop folder. Any help?

I'm surprised that's the error you're getting. Try using forward slashes instead e.g. 'C:/Users/User/Desktop/fitbase.csv'. Also, it's not recommended to point to files on your C drive and alternatively to use relative paths using the here package.


Thanks a bunch. I'll try those and let you know how it goes.

Tried your suggestion, still getting the same message.


list.files(path = "C:\\",
               pattern = "^fitbase.csv$",
               recursive = TRUE,
               include.dirs = TRUE,
                 full.names = TRUE)

This might take a few minutes to run, but on completion should tell you if (and exactly where) any file called exactly fitbase.csv might be on your C:\

thank you very much. will try this and get back to you

I got this message back; character (0). What does this mean?

it means nothing was found.
How would you evidence that the file is there outside of R?
can you show it in the windows explorer with a path showing ?

new to this but I downloaded the zip file containing the data on my computer. Extracted the data and saved it in a folder on the desktop. Intentionally copied the file path and pasted it in R yet nothing.
I've uploaded the file into my google drive. Any idea on how to import it from there. Just a thought since importing from my system hasnt worked out yet.
Thanks again for helping out.

Is it possible you are using OneDrive (or some other remote drive) and that your file is on the OneDrive desktop rather than your physical computer's desktop?


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