ERROR 409 deployment

Hi all,
after an occured problem during deploy, now I cannot update, restart, delete or archive my shiny app (HTTP 409 error).
I am using Rstudio to shinyapps . io.
Is there anyway I can kill the task from my end?

This is the error in detail :

Errore: HTTP 409
Unable to dispatch task for application=2388347, there are 1 tasks in progress

Link of my shinyapp is
Someone could help me?
Thanks in advance

maybe log into your shinyapps dashboard and try to stop/kill/delete your app from there

Hi @nirgrahamuk ,
I already tried to stop my shiny app from dashboard, but this is the message :


I'm looking for other related posts about this issue, but I can't find solutions.
Thank you anyway.

Do you have a subscription ?

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No, I don't have a subscription.
I hoped to find a solution into Community.