Eror in Tukey Test R Studio

Hi everyone, it's my 1st time ask here about R code that I have. I did ANOVA and then doin Pot Hoc Tukey test, but it surprisingly doesn't go well. Here's the result appear on my R screen:

TukeyHSD(aov1, conf.level = 0,95)
Tukey multiple comparisons of means
0% family-wise confidence level

Fit: aov(formula = Score ~ Case + Profesi)

diff lwr upr p adj

Warning messages:
1: In replications(paste("~", xx), data = mf) : non-factors ignored: Case
2: In qtukey(conf.level, length(means), x$df.residual) : NaNs produced

(I will check the comparison with the two independent variables; case and profesi)

anyone knows why it happened and how to solve? thanks a lot.

I would replace the comma with a dot in your command first:

TukeyHSD(aov1, conf.level = 0.95)

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