Equivalent of xaringan::inf_mr() for RMarkdown documents

I am currently learning xaringan and am really impressed with the infinite moonreader function xaringan::inf_mr() .
This allows you to view the results of your code in the viewer window as you design your slides so you dont need to keep knitting them to see how they look.
Is there an equivalent for general RMarkdown documents? So you can have the code on the left but see the results of the code in the viewer pane in almost real time? It would save me having to constantly re-knitting my documents.
Can anyone suggest anything?

I think you can use xaringan::inf_mr with any Rmd document with HTML output format, not just xaringan slide. Have you tried ?

html_notebook() format also have a preview mode which is really interesting: You work inline in the document by running chunks as you work, and each time you save the document, the HTML preview is updated. You can have both the source and the HTML result open in two windows. Have you tried that already ?

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