environment expando (blue arrow) still missing


I am very new on R but something bugs me. I imported a dataset from stata like that:

df<-read_dta(paste(path,"/ELS_2012.dta", sep=""), encoding=NULL)

Then realized that the dataframe was too big so did that:
df_small<-subset(df,,select=c(STU_ID, F3ATTAINMENT,F3D21, F3A01C,F3A01D, F3A01E ))

to select a few useful var.

While the df data frame has the expando (blue arrow) on the global environment the sub-dataframe df_small does not. Nothing bad but annoying.

I saw a thread about where it said that the problem has been fixed with a new update but it does not seem to be working for me (my version is 1.2.1335)


Have you tried with the preview release version?

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It works. I am still in beta mode on R :slight_smile:


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Ok done it. thanks :slight_smile:

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