Enviromental Project of Data analysis

Hi guys, Im very new to data analysis and I have a task that I must complete for my university course.I have a dataset of enviromental variables and I have to make a thesis around the dataset.These dataset is from a city and it shows the concentration of 2 pollutants and some enviromental variables ( temperature, wind, umidity etc=My task is to find some correlation and do something similiar to a research, so perhaps shows how these pollutants can have an effect on climate and maybe if I can create a model that can do some prediction in the future (the dataset is only one year of data but the professor say its fine to try to make some prediction)I link the dataset here , but I really dont want you guys to make my project but rather show me how you would do it, how you would start, what statistic analysis you gonna do etc etc.I buy a beer to the best response


Forgot to tell , I must do the analysis on R

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