Encoding R character - Strange character appear in the code

Hi, I have a question here that I really don't understand what happened and why I have to pull my hair out with

R studio does not recognize any more certain characters used in my codes, in particular the comments # or chains of characters containing "ç" or accents "é" whereas it did it very well formerly and replaces them by "?" or even stranger characters such as "à" into " Ã. ".

I confess I don't understand why it does this to me, especially since it has modified all my previously made codes and nothing works as before.

I guess this is an encoding problemnbut i don't know why is this happening ...

If anyone can explain this to me it would be really good as at the moment I'm just tearing my hair out on everything I do ....

What OS? There seems to be a new RStudio/Windows problem with non-ASCII characters. See Cannot interpret scandinavian letters

This is only one of several posts .

It's on window 10,

Whatever I guess I will just live without that problem in my Rmarkdown code (just need no to use accent)

Thank you vey much ! @jrkrideau :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

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