Enable ephemeral CONNECT_API_KEY for specific content only

I am working on a Posit Connect installation that hosts various content for various external and internal users.

I would like to have DefaultAPIKeyEnv set to false, but to allow the ephemeral (user/session specific?) CONNECT_API_KEY environment variable for specific shiny apps. Is this possible?

In particular I have a shiny app with which I would like to use pins:: for persistent storage of a small amount of data set by the user.

In theory this as straight forward as board <- pins::board_connect(auth = "envvar')

But I don't want to pass a generated API key for my own account to the app via Vars {X} and I don't want for every user on every app on the server to have a CONNECT_API_KEY as allowed by DefaultAPIKeyEnv.

I am considering setting up a new user just to host the pins:: board for this project and passing an API key generated for that user to the app via Vars {X} but this is an annoying solution that would use up one of our limited slots on posit connect.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Could you say more about why not?