Employee Directory editable DT

Authors : Niels van der Velden - GitHub - Website - Twitter - LinkedIn
View the Table - Repo - RStudio Cloud product

The table was made using the DT package. Shinyjs, shinyBS and shinyalert were used to make the different pop-ups. The SQL database was set-up and interacted with using the DBI and pool packages.

A .tar file with all deposited images as well as an excel file containing all entries can be downloaded using the Login (user: admin password: SHINY2020)

Note: The app is deployed on Shinyapps.io which does not support local file storage and therefore entries will reset after a while. It will run normally when you set up your own Shiny Server.


For a minimal example on how to integrate the Editable DataTable using SQL see the below post:


This is really nice!

I tried the edit functionality and clicked the red "x" button on one of the fields. Is there a way for user to restore everything back to original data? Or is that an admin function?

For the competition I deployed the table on shinyapps.io which does not support file storage or changes. In this particular case the table is reset to the original after around 10 min so feel free to play around :slight_smile:.

I have deployed the table on my own server where I allow for file storage and changes and in that case any changes you make are permanent. In the real app I also added login functionality so you can only add, edit or delete entries when you are logged in.

Makes sense. Thanks!