Embedding Shiny Apps in Tableau Dashboards Using shinytableau

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Screenshot of a Tableau dashboard with a shinytableau extension At RStudio, we strive to help you combine the power of code-first data science with the other tools in your toolkit. Many organizations rely on Tableau for creating data dashboards, but there may be moments where you wish you could take advantage of R’s powerful reporting and visualization capabilities as well.
With the experimental shinytableau package, you can use the power of R and Shiny to customize objects that you embed in your Tableau dashboards.

I just stumbled on shinytableau, and it looks fantastic! One quick question...I seem to be able to embed a Shiny app that is hosted on our internal Shiny server into an internal Tableau dashboard by just embedding the URL for the app in an iFrame on the Tableau dashboard (without even using shinytableau). If that gives me all the functionality I'm needing, what are the advantages of converting to run with shinytableau? Is there a reason I shouldn't be just embedding apps via iFrames? Thanks!

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