Embedding Libre Office text documents into R Markdown files (or vice versa)

I have only recently discovered the power of R Markdown files.
Extremely impressive!

The combination of multimedia and programming is a very powerful
enhancer for effective communication.
Great job everyone!

What I am interested in accomplishing is creating a document that simultaneously has all the features of R Markdown and Libre Office.

In the navigator pane of Libre Office there are options to insert a great many enhancements to add vitality to text document (e.g., with OLEs, active spreadsheets, images, weblinks, heading formats, indexes, etc.). How could I retain all these benefits while also adding in the functionality of R Markdown in one document?

I understand that I could copy and paste the Libre Office document into an R Markdown document in RStudio and then run R code from there, though it would be more elegant to have R inside of Libre Office.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

It would also be extremely impressive if I could add in an R bot teaching app (go discobot!) into my Libre Office text document. This would add a very large amount of vitality to my document. Would that be possible? Within an R Markdown document I am vaguely aware that such programmatic teaching is possible, though it would be helpful to stay within one Libre Office document so that it wasn't necessary
to move from one to the other.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in doing is taking advantage of all the functionality of a Libre Office text document,
while being within the framework of an R Markdown format,

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