Email, Google, and Twitter Authentication of Shiny App using Firebase

Hello, I have a shiny app for which I want to add an email, google, and twitter authentication interface using Firebase. Below is the configuration and UI code I tried to implement:

firebase_config(api_key = "MY_API_KEY",
                project_id = "PROJECT_ID",
                app_id = "MY_ID",
                auth_domain = "MY_DOMAIN",
                storage_bucket = "MY_BUCKET",
                overwrite = TRUE)

authUI <- function() {
    # Application title
    useFirebase(), # import dependencies,

I created a separate UI for the authentication page. In the server side, I have the following code:

f <- FirebaseUI$
    new()$ # instantiate
    set_providers( # define providers
      email = TRUE, 
      google = TRUE,
      twitter = TRUE
    launch() # launch

When I run the app, I do not see any authentication page. Instead, I am taken straight to the app, which means the attempt to add authentication to my app doesn't work. Please, does anyone know how to do this, or any helpful resources they could recommend? Thanks.

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