ellipsis (...) used in false context

I have the below function:

sendMessage <- function(id, code, param = list(...)){
  message <- list(id = id, code=code, param = param)

The function works fine if I add parameters to the list:

message <- sendMessage(id = "test", code="warning", param = list(param1 = "Hello", param2 = "Bye"))

But If I do not pass any parameters I get an error:

message <- sendMessage(id = "test", code="warning")

Error in sendMessage(id = "test", code = "warning") : 
  '...' used in wrong context

How can I send a message if I do not want to pass any parameters?

Hi @noveld,

I think either one of these should be fine:

sendMessage <- function(id, code, ...){
  param <- list(...)
  message <- list(id = id, code = code, param = param)
# or

sendMessage <- function(id, code, param = list()){
  message <- list(id = id, code = code, param = param)

Thanks a lot! I was overthinking this way to much :laughing:

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