Element_id argument for rs_viewer

is there a way to pass an element_id to the rs_viewer call when invoking the default internal viewer in RStudio?

function (url, height = NULL) 
if (!is.character(url) || (length(url) != 1)) 
    stop("url must be a single element character vector.", 
        call. = FALSE)
if (identical(height, "maximize")) 
    height <- -1
if (!is.null(height) && (!is.numeric(height) || (length(height) != 
    stop("height must be a single element numeric vector or 'maximize'.", 
        call. = FALSE)
invisible(.Call("rs_viewer", url, height))

this would allow for multiple outputs in the viewer pane, like with htmlwidgets.

for example when a ggplotly is created it is given a new elementId, thus gives a new element in the viewer for each plot created.

function (x, ...) 
if (inherits(x, "htmlwidget")) 
attr(x, "TOJSON_FUNC") <- to_JSON
w <- htmlwidgets::createWidget(name = "plotly", x = x, width = x$layout$width, 
    height = x$layout$height, sizingPolicy = htmlwidgets::sizingPolicy(browser.fill = TRUE, 
        defaultWidth = "100%", defaultHeight = 400), preRenderHook = plotly_build, 
    dependencies = c(list(typedArrayPolyfill()), crosstalk::crosstalkLibs(), 
w$elementId <- w$elementId %||% new_id()