Effective Visualizations for Credible, Data Driven Decisions - Webinar Follow-Up

*Effective Visualizations for Credible, Data Driven Decisions *
A presentation by special guests from Roche & Novartis.

Video: Coming Soon!

What You'll Learn
Effective visual communication is a core task for all data scientists including statisticians, epidemiologists, machine learning experts, bioinformaticians, etc.

By using the right graphical principles, we can better understand data, highlight core insights and influence decisions toward appropriate actions. Without it, we can fool ourselves and others and pave the way to wrong conclusions and actions. While numerous solutions exist to analyze data, these often require many manual steps to convert them into visually convincing and meaningful reports. How do we put this in practice in an accurate, transparent and reproducible way?

In this webinar we will introduce an open collaborative effort, currently undertaken by Roche and Novartis, to develop solutions for effective visual communication with a focus on reporting medical and clinical data. The aim of the collaboration is to develop a user-friendly, fit for purpose, open source package to simplify the use of good graphical principles for effective visual communication of typical analyses of interventional and observational data encountered in clinical drug development. We will introduce the initial visR package design which easily integrates into a typical tidyverse workflow. The package provides guidance and meaningful default parameters covering all aspects from the design, implementation and review of statistical graphics.


About Charlotta Fr├╝chtenicht

Personalized Healthcare Data Science, Product Development, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Charlotta is a computational biologist by training and works as a data scientist in the Personalized Healthcare department at Roche where she uses R to untap the wealth of information coming from healthcare data collected in real-world settings to support the development of new medicines.

About Diego Saldana

Senior Data Scientist, Roche
Diego is a data scientist specializing in applied machine learning at Roche Personalized Healthcare since March 2019. He has developed models to perform various tasks and analyze diverse data sources. Currently, his main applications of interest are in onocology and clinico-genomics.

About Mark Baille

Advanced Methodology and Data Science, Clinical Development and Analytics. Novartis Pharma AG
Mark is a methodologist supporting the clinical development and analytics department at Novartis. He has a focus on data visualization working on a number of internal and external initiatives to improve the reporting of clinical trials and observational studies.

About Marc Vandemeulebroecke

Biostatistics, Novartis
Marc is a biostatistics group head at Novartis. He is interested in advancing the methods and practice of clinical development, for instance through effective use of graphics. https://graphicsprinciples.github.io/

Hi All,

Do you know if there will be a recording from yesterday's session?


That should be up today or tomorrow on Videos - Posit. If you were registered for the webinar, we'll email it to you.

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